At Precision FX, we create short-format video content with the goal of helping you promote your business and engage with your customers.

Documentary Video Production

Murray Laidlaw had the opportunity to take part in one of O’Brien Trainings’ Advanced Forestry Equipment Operator courses for the Dangle Head Processor. This 30-minute video documents his experience as he took the 4-week course in just five days and learned to operate both an excavator and a dangle head processor.


Interviews make up a big part of the videos we do, and this one from Tamara Ketlo of O’Brien Training gives you a quick introduction to their remote training site in Kitwanga, BC, for their Heavy Construction Equipment Operator Course.


Cottonwood Island Park, Prince George, B.C.

The sky was blue, the sun was shining and snow was falling all around me. The weather was perfect for unleashing the drone for a few minutes at Cottonwood Island Park after a heavy snowfall.

Travel/Tourism Videos

Moore’s Meadow, Prince George, B.C.

Moore’s Meadow is filled with lush vegetation and numerous walking and biking trails right in Prince George. All of the video was shot on a drone with the exception of the intro clip.

Real Estate Videos

Hospice Dream Home

I was extremely honored to be invited to record a video walkthrough of the 2020 Hospice Dream Home. The craftsmanship was attention to detail was amazing, and those details shone through in this video. Showing the house to the public in person was made difficult due to Covid-19, but this video helped show it in a way that photographs cannot.

Product Videos

Golden Grizzly Coffee by North Roast Coffee

The moment that I discovered North Roast Coffee on Instagram was the moment that guided the creation of this video. As an avid coffee fan, my preference changed to whole beans the moment I ground and brewed my first pot. The fresh taste and aroma was unlike pre-ground coffee, with such a richer flavour and smell. North Roast Coffee imports beans from Costa Rica, Columbia, Honduras, Guatemala and Ethiopia, and roasts them to perfection right here in Prince George, B.C. Try them for yourself at

Golden Grizzly Coffee by North Roast Coffee

Service and Support Videos

Guitar Setup Service with Electron Sound & Percussion

The good folks at Electron Sound & Percussion let me record them during one of their guitar setups. I was able to observe a full guitar setup service from removing the old strings and cleaning the guitar to adjusting the hardware, re-stringing, adjusting and tuning the guitar.